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  • A special offer for lovers of non-standard, extraordinary and amusing accessories, capable to give color to the ritual of smoking - a pipe model called "Whale". It's amazing how accurately the image of the sea creature is embodied in the glass.And perfect crystal transparency gives it extra originality and symbolism. 

  • This accessory is an excellent solution for fans of an extraordinary approach to choosing a life position and forming an individual style. The design, depicting a table scoop, will give color to the ritual of smoking and secue a good mood.

  • A smoking handmade pipe made of high-strength glass. A special offer for fans of non-standard, extraordinary and amusing accessories that can make the ritual of smoking more colorful - a pipe model called "Hammer". It is surprising how originally the design resembling an outwardly known tool is embodied in glass.

  • The smoking accessory presented to your attention is an ideal solution for individuals, who prefer a minimalistic and concise style in all aspects of life. The simple design will allow the tube not to attract attention, can be easily carried in a bag, accompanying its owner in any situations and present peaceful, relaxing and calm leisure. 

  • Refined smoking pipe for connoisseurs of laconic design.

  • An elegant tube with an interesting design in the form of a skull will not leave you indifferent.

  • A mini variation of a bong or an unusual smoking pipe? Opinions on this subject may differ. But anyway, the accessory is able to give unforgettable sensations, opening up to its user new horizons of relaxation.

  • "Water" is a model created for merry people, extremely positive personalities with an excellent sense of humor and a desire to surround themselves with funny and extraordinary accessories.

  • Smoking pipe is a ritual, which contradicts rush. Unlike smoking usual cigarettes, a preparatory stage is an integral part of the process: filling the accessory with your favorite tobacco, lighting, and finally cleaning.

  • An elegant tube of 12 cm length, despite its miniature dimensions, is able to provide high-quality relaxation, opening up new and new features of pleasure.

  • True admirers of quality tobacco smoking know the main advantage of the pipes over usual cigarettes: they allow you to enjoy your favorite ritual in full, plunging into the atmosphere of its traditions passed from century to century.

  • Pipes represent of the classic line of accessories for smoking tobacco, which, after passing through hundreds of years, have not lost relevance in the ХХІ century. They have witnessed the creation of human history, have been integral attributes of many creative personalities who were destined to become authors of the greatest works of art.

  • Smoking of amber oil, along with tobacco, is preferred by a lot of connoisseurs of this ritual. To make the pleasure from inhalation of the gray clouds of fragrant smoke full, and the pastime colorful, one should acquire an original pipe which may become a final feature of a smoker’s individualized image.

  • Refined smoking pipe for connoisseurs of laconic design.

  • A graceful, refined smoke channel with a smooth curve, a roomy, attractive shape, like an elegant wine glass, a bowl - this is all about the original model of a smoking pipe called "Captain" made by hand by Ukrainian glass blowers.

  • The glass pipe, which has received such a name, is an elegant accessory that can become not only a profitable personal acquisition, but also be an ideal gift to a close friend or a friend who is an ardent admirer of the ritual of smoking.

  • The original author's pipe for smoking with an amusing design is made by Ukrainian glass blowers by hand. It was exactly thanks to careful efforts of the craftsmen that it was possible to achieve an ideal round shape, perfect smooth lines.

  • A smoking handmade tube made of high-duty glass. Smoking a pipe is a ritual that continues to enjoy wide popularity year by year. This accessory is considered to be one of the features of a serious and confident man who is a connoisseur of quality tobacco. For such a gentleman the product will be an irreplaceable gift, which can highlight his image and...

  • If there is a need to purchase a gift for a man who is an admirer of tobacco smoking, the ideal option is to choose an exclusive pipe that can advantageously supplement his individual style and allow him to open new horizons of this ritual known for several centuries.

  • "Little spoon" is a model of a smoking pipe, created for merry people, extremely positive personalities with an excellent sense of humor and a desire to surround themselves with funny and not commonplace accessories. 

  • The accessory presented to the attention of admirers of the ritual of smoking does not differ in complexity of the design. It is simplicity and laconism that are the main advantages of it. The crystal transparency of the glass makes it possible to observe how smoke is delicately swirling, moving along an ideally straight channel.

  • A smoking pipe is the choice of extraordinary personalities, who have been conquered by the process itself, which has turned into a real ritual since ancient times and cannot be compared with a hastily smoked cigarette.

  • Modern variations of tobacco smoking pipes are real works of art thanks to the colorful design, accuracy and variety of materials used for their manufacture. One of these original products is the "Takeoff" model, which has become a harmonious embodiment of the traditional design of the accessory.

  • A glass masterpiece from Ukrainian professionals who manufactured the product manually. 18.5-centimeter accessory "Konotopka" is exactly what the admirer of the ritual of smoking needs, who wants to get maximum pleasure without harm to his health.


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