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  • Smoking of amber oil, along with tobacco, is preferred by a lot of connoisseurs of this ritual. To make the pleasure from inhalation of the gray clouds of fragrant smoke full, and the pastime colorful, one should acquire an original pipe which may become a final feature of a smoker’s individualized image.

  • Pipes represent of the classic line of accessories for smoking tobacco, which, after passing through hundreds of years, have not lost relevance in the ХХІ century. They have witnessed the creation of human history, have been integral attributes of many creative personalities who were destined to become authors of the greatest works of art.

  • The inherent quality features of this device for smoking are a small and compact size, extraordinary look. The shape of a 0.5 liter bottle, smooth bends and transitions, the typical color - green or brown and the final image decoration in the form of a label will allow the bong to give color and drive to each party, as well as fit into any interior. 

  • A smoking pipe is the choice of extraordinary personalities, who have been conquered by the process itself, which has turned into a real ritual since ancient times and cannot be compared with a hastily smoked cigarette.

  • If there is a need to purchase a gift for a man who is an admirer of tobacco smoking, the ideal option is to choose an exclusive pipe that can advantageously supplement his individual style and allow him to open new horizons of this ritual known for several centuries.

  • Dreams may come true. And this model of a bong for smoking aromatic substances is the brightest proof of this. An original 32.5-centimeter accessory, which has no analogues, was handcrafted by Ukrainian craftsmen.

  • If you are a true fan of smoking flavored herbal mixtures, it’s time for you to widen your array of accessories for this ritual with an original bong, which is able to give divine pleasure. The Eclipse model is a good choice for either a small or a large company. The product reaches the height of 22.5 cm and rightfully belongs to the category of compact...

  • Laconic and elegant in this way you can describe the accessory for smoking fragrant mixtures, which is called "Filtering". Its peculiarity is in its design. Minimalistic at first glance, the design is supplemented with a spiral placed inside. It plays not only a decorative, but also an important practical role - it serves as a component of the shaft.

  • A smoking handmade pipe made of high-strength glass. A special offer for fans of non-standard, extraordinary and amusing accessories that can make the ritual of smoking more colorful - a pipe model called "Hammer". It is surprising how originally the design resembling an outwardly known tool is embodied in glass.

  • Today more and more people choose a bong between the hookah and the bong. First, it is more economical (the mixture for smoking is consumed less). Secondly, it's easier to use.

  • Bong "Ice Bubble" - an accessory that allows its owner to smoke with style. Being an exclusive creation of Ukrainian glassblowers, you can decorate the interior in an original way, the bong may be set in an honorable place on the shelf at time when it is not used.

  • Smoking pipe is a ritual, which contradicts rush. Unlike smoking usual cigarettes, a preparatory stage is an integral part of the process: filling the accessory with your favorite tobacco, lighting, and finally cleaning.

  • A glass masterpiece from Ukrainian professionals who manufactured the product manually. 18.5-centimeter accessory "Konotopka" is exactly what the admirer of the ritual of smoking needs, who wants to get maximum pleasure without harm to his health.

  • Smoking pipe is an atmospheric way of spending time, which, centuries after its inception, managed to turn into a real ritual, having its own canons and rules. Choosing an accessory for smoking is a responsible task that arises before a connoisseur of taste and smell of natural amber oil.

Showing 1 - 24 of 35 items