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The inherent quality features of this device for smoking are a small and compact size, extraordinary look. The shape of a 0.5 liter bottle, smooth bends and transitions, the typical color - green or brown and the final image decoration in the form of a label will allow the bong to give color and drive to each party, as well as fit into any interior. 

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The design of the accessory is very simple, convenient to use, has easy purposefulness.

The advantages of the "Butler" model.

The bong "Butler" is handmade, which allows you to consider the product to be a real work of art. We have taken care of the reasonable price of the accessory, so you do not have to give up your desire to acquire such a stylish and practical thing.

Bottle was used in the production process. Its main features are strength, resistance to tear and wear and scratches, easy maintenance, resistance to absorb smell. Using a thin ruff and a safe detergent to clean the bong, you can achieve the desired result without fear of leaving damage on the glass.

The small height of 27 cm and the lightness of the glass make the accessory practically weightless during transportation. Therefore, going with friends on a trip or on an outing event, you can take the device with you and enjoy the ritual of smoking even away from home.

Ukrainian products intended for smoking are becoming a choice for both beginners and experienced users far beyond the borders of the country, including in China. A lot of admirers of the ritual of smoking using a bong have already experienced personally the merits of the accessory presented to your attention.

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Height: 27 cm

  • Color: green, brown

  • Packaging: cardboard box