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A smoking handmade tube made of high-duty glass.

Smoking a pipe is a ritual that continues to enjoy wide popularity year by year. This accessory is considered to be one of the features of a serious and confident man who is a connoisseur of quality tobacco. For such a gentleman the product will be an irreplaceable gift, which can highlight his image and status. 

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Ukrainian glass blowers offer to the attention of buyers an original smoking pipe "Democrat" - an exclusive sample made by hand. Thanks to a well thought-out pricing policy, the products of our craftsmen have long been the No. 1 choice not only for domestic but also for foreign customers, expanding their geography from the western European borders to Asia (including China).

The multipurpose pipe is characterized by simplicity of shapes and compact dimensions (length - 12 cm). Absolutely straight cylindrical mouthpiece does not mean any inconvenience in cleaning the accessory and always allows to keep it in a perfectly clean condition.

A sufficiently large bowl for tobacco will allow filling the product as much as the owner needs, giving an opportunity to prolong the pleasure of smoking as long as desired.

To facilitate the task for the user, the manufacturers of the presented model of a smoking pipe supplemented it with small legs, so it can be placed on the table steadily.

The accessory is made of medical glass. The main advantages of this material include resistance to mechanical damage and scratches, environmental friendliness and the inability to absorb the smell of tobacco smoke. Making a choice in favor of the "multipurpose" model, you can enjoy your favorite ritual without worrying about your health.

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Length: 12 cm

  • Color: transparent

  • Packaging: cardboard box