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An elegant tube of 12 cm length, despite its miniature dimensions, is able to provide high-quality relaxation, opening up new and new features of pleasure.

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The design, developed specifically for admirers of classics and laconicism, is embodied in reality by Ukrainian craftsmen manually. The accessory is ideal for people who prefer a business style, because thanks to minimalism and reserve, it can become a harmonious continuation of each owner's own "I". Bought personally for yourself or as a gift to a friend, a close person, the pipe will not cause significant losses to your budget: the advantage of Ukrainian exclusive handmade products is its democratic price, thanks to which many connoisseurs of such works of art can afford to become their owners.

Why should I prefer the "Stamen" pipe?

The first thing that attracts the attention to the model is the simplicity of forms and easy handling. Thanks to a simple design, it is easy to clean the pipe. For these procedures, organic detergents have been developed and are on sale, as well as special brushes that will help keep the product perfectly clean without damaging its perfectly smooth surface. Keeping to the rules of servicing, you can preserve the original appearance of the accessory for years.

Another advantage of the "Stamen" tube is the medical glass which it is made of. The material is resistant to tear and wear, heat resistant, as well as environmental friendly. With this accessory, you do not have to worry about health, because the glass does not release toxic substances, fumes, and absorb smells of burned tobacco, oils, etc.

A number of these advantages, thanks to which the price offered for the accessory is able to pay off in the near future, ensures its popularity even in China - an increasing number of buyers are striving to make sure on their own experience in the positive properties of Ukrainian exclusive products.

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Length: 12 cm

  • Color: transparent

  • Packaging: cardboard box