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A special offer for lovers of non-standard, extraordinary and amusing accessories, capable to give color to the ritual of smoking - a pipe model called "Whale". It's amazing how accurately the image of the sea creature is embodied in the glass.And perfect crystal transparency gives it extra originality and symbolism. 

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All this became possible due to diligent efforts of the Ukrainian craftsmen who produce the product manually.

Thanks to our joint efforts, the model became available to buyers who want to buy a pipe for themselves to bring in an individualized zest, or as a gift to please a friend or acquaintance with an unusual accessory. The pricing policy is moderate and rationally considered and the price offers will not bring significant losses to the buyer's personal budget. This has already been checked by regular Chinese customers.

Harmony of practicality and exclusivity.

Despite the elegance of shapes and fineness of design, the pipe is not fragile. All due to the fact that it is made of medical glass. This material is known for its properties to withstand the appearance of scratches due to mechanical exposure, cracks during heating. It is also resistant to absorbing absolutely no smells that appear during the combustion of tobacco, nor does it emit any toxic fumes. Therefore, environmental friendliness and long service are those features of the pipe that deserve attention.

The product is compact and very convenient to use. 12-centimeter length is not an obstacle for travelling along with a favorite accessory. A convenient design allows the tube to be easily cleaned after use. A wide variety of brushes, flexible cords, detergents made on an organic basis help the owner of this stylish product. 

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Length: 12,5 cm

  • Color: transparent

  • Packaging: cardboard box