Little spoon


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"Little spoon" is a model of a smoking pipe, created for merry people, extremely positive personalities with an excellent sense of humor and a desire to surround themselves with funny and not commonplace accessories. 

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The miniature dimensions (the product reaches a length of only 6.5 cm!) allow to place the pipe into the owner's pocket or in a secluded place of luggage, accompanying him on a journey – distant or not, at the right moment at hand, to brighten up his leisure.

The smoking pipe is made according to a unique design by Ukrainian glass blowers. Filled with the enthusiasm of its creators, it is able to attract attention and give a good mood, and therefore is considered not only an excellent personal acquisition, but also an ideal friendly gift. The price range, which we made for handicrafts, is rational and moderate.

What about the materials? - you would ask

The pipe is made of medical glass. It is known as the most practical material for smoking accessories, because it does not get scratched, easily cleaned, does not overheat during the combustion of tobacco, does not crack under the influence of temperature. It is only necessary to ensure that the handset is always in a safe place, avoid dropping - and it will last for several decades without losing its original appearance.

Glass does not absorb the smell of smoke, does not emit carcinogens during heating. Enables to cool hot smoke to the best desired temperature at which it does not lead to scold of respiratory tracts. With a pipe made of medical glass, the health of a smoker is completely safe.

Ukrainian exclusive products are gaining popularity not only in Europe but also in the East – the number of our regular customers is enlarged by buyers from China who appreciate originality, practicality of products and their ability to pay off quickly.

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Length: 6.5 cm

  • Color: transparent

  • Packaging: cardboard box