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If there is a need to purchase a gift for a man who is an admirer of tobacco smoking, the ideal option is to choose an exclusive pipe that can advantageously supplement his individual style and allow him to open new horizons of this ritual known for several centuries.

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The model "Delayt" presented to your attention is hand made and is one of the best embodiments of creative design ideas and practical skills of Ukrainian glass blowers. Reasonable price is the main reason why you do not have to deny the purchase of the desired exclusive product to yourself.

Unique design

It is simply impossible to pass by this accessory - it qualitatively stands out against the background of similar products due to unusual smoke channel made in the form of a spiral. In addition to the aesthetic function, this design also performs a practical function - a winding path will ensure perfect cooling of smoke and its purification. Passing along the "corkscrew" channel, the smoke will leave all tar on the walls, and the pipe user will be able to enjoy a quality and clean product.

The key characteristic of the pipe’s bowl is its size. A smoker has the opportunity to fill it with tobacco to the extent that he considers optimal at the moment, and continue the ritual as long as he desires. The length of the product - 16 cm - is able to add its owner’s image additional reliability.

Despite its complicated, at first glance, design, the pipe is really easy to care of. It is enough to use a flexible cord to clean it. It will not damage the product and special cleaning agent.

Undoubted advantage of the accessory is the material which it is made of, namely medical glass. Durability, environmental friendliness, long service life are its main advantages, worthy of attention of every buyer who is searching for the best product for himself. About its advantages, Ukrainian exclusive products declared far beyond the country, continuing to attract attention and becoming an object of preference even for Chinese buyers.

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Length: 16 cm

  • Color: transparent

  • Packaging: cardboard box