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A mini variation of a bong or an unusual smoking pipe? Opinions on this subject may differ. But anyway, the accessory is able to give unforgettable sensations, opening up to its user new horizons of relaxation.

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Ukrainian masters-glass blowers, who handcrafted the product, managed to surpass their foreign colleagues and make an accessory that not only copes with its functional purpose perfectly, but also can become an original decoration of the interior. Due to a reasonable price, fully meeting the quality, the device is topical both as a personal acquisition and unofficial gift.

Material properties and benefits of the accessory.

Domestic craftsmen used medical glass to manufacture the product. It is famous all over the world for its positive qualities. First, it is environmentally friendly. When heated, there is no toxic and carcinogenic evaporation, which can harm a smoker and other people. Secondly, the glass is durable and wear-resistant. With careful handling and proper care, it is able to maintain its original look for more than a decade of operation, and does not crack under the influence of high temperature. Thirdly, the material is easy to clean, does not absorb smell.

Despite a complex design, it is quite simple to take care of it. To do this you should buy special organic detergents, flexible cords, and cleaning brushes - and the device will sparkle clean and clear after each use.

Elegant look, practicality and functionality, reasonable price provided this exclusive product popularity far beyond Ukraine. Even Chinese buyers - wholesale and retail - prefer "Corselet", which had time to justify the trust of many users.

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Length: 10,5 cm

  • Color: transparent

  • Packaging: cardboard box