Big spiral water


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Pipes represent of the classic line of accessories for smoking tobacco, which, after passing through hundreds of years, have not lost relevance in the ХХІ century. They have witnessed the creation of human history, have been integral attributes of many creative personalities who were destined to become authors of the greatest works of art.

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The design of the pipe has passed a long way of its transformation - from products, made in traditional trends, modern accessories are characterized by a variety of shapes and numerous variations in parameters. The presented model "Big spiral water" is a striking example of a combination of designer creativity and skill of Ukrainian glass blowers, which managed to create a masterpiece of decorative and applied art.

Why is the "Big spiral water"?

The unusual design attracts attention by an interesting look that will not leave indifferent many admirers of colorful accessories. But it's no secret that any product should be chosen, guided not only by aesthetics, but also by practicality. It is this model that has become the embodiment of a harmonious fusion of these characteristics. Spiral smoke channel is designed for high-quality cooling of smoke and cleaning it from excessive tar. After making a long "corkscrew" path, it reaches the end point, being cool and soft, not scolding and not abstracting the breath of a smoker.

Why is glass chosen for manufacturing?

Here the creators were guided by several reasons. First, it is an ideal material for implementing the most extraordinary design ideas. And secondly, this kind of material, like medical glass, is distinguished by its environmental friendliness, heat resistance and long life.

The product can be cleaned easily: there are many flexible cords designed for taking care of the pipes of this type, as well as special organic detergents that will not leave a smell and subsequently lead to toxic fumes when burning tobacco.

The popularity of the "Big spiral water" model has already reached the borders of distant China – a reasonable pricing policy for author masterpieces attracts the attention of both Ukrainian and foreign buyers who can appreciate the quality of the product personally thanks to it.

Technical Data

  • Material: Glass

  • Length: 22,5 cm

  • Color: transparent

  • Packaging: cardboard box